We Literally Live in Our Memories

Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to actually live in the moment–in the present? When in essence, we are all living in our most recent memories. Each moment is a reflection of the previous or a prediction of the next.

Subconscious reflection is tied to our beings although it is not often acknowledged because most individuals don’t take the time to actively delve into those reflections. Our reactions to someone’s facial movements or upset feelings of a missed the train–these reactions and feelings are connected to our most recent memories. We think we are upset in the moment, but in truth our feelings are tied to a recent memory. That’s why I say we all choose how we feel. We get to choose on how we reflect and remember a situation.

The reflective practitioner often gets a bad wrap. One wonders why a colleague would need 30 minutes to just think–there’s work to be done!!! Well, there’s always work to do. Taking time out of the day, even if it’s five minutes, to reflect on all of your reflections. Take time to separate your assumptions from your concrete experience.

The world is black and white. The actual moments are the black and white. Our reflections color the world gray.  We create the rainbows, the sunshine. We create the clouds, the rain.


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