Influencing a (Productive) Social Work Environment

Great blog post about how my organization uses Yammer to build culture.

DC Nonprofit Use Yammer to Build Culture, Reduce Clutter


And since the blog post was written about NSCS, Yammer has incorporated hashtags which makes tool a much more transparent tool for knowledge sharing. We hashtag all Operations items as #team, so it is easy to go back and find documents, policies etc. that have been posted without having to make that sometime stressful visit to the organization’s shared drive folders.


I think I have told most of my professional friends about Yammer. It was essential to improving the culture within my organization. When it was introduced, as with most things, people didn’t want to really use it aside from my colleagues who chose the new tool. Therefore, it was used for office updates, sharing policies etc. Slowly, the first “good morning” started and people responded back. Not long after the first “thank you” occurred and people throughout our small organization were able to see that Person A helped TEAM 4 on a project. And as those small shifts in how we use the tool was used we started seeing more “I did x, y, z on my weekend”, “Does anyone have any advice on things that should be included in my presentation.”

We started connecting on a more personal level in terms of work as well as the appropriate amount of personal sharing.

Yes, I work in a small office with only about 25 employees but it is just as easy to get lost in your own TEAM and your own work as it was in the larger offices I worked in . Yammer, no different than Twitter, shrinks your organization. If used effectively–everyone can know everyone, and that feeling of a connection with the people you work contributes to a furthered since of organic collaboration and communication.



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