A Direct Route to Happiness

I recently read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh for a (mandatory)* work book club. The book was an fast read that felt like an easy conversation with an intuitive business friend. There was no preaching or a one-size-fits all strategy. The author clearly makes it known that this is my story, there are my risks, these are some things I figured out along the way and that (along with a boatload of his own money) is how he was able to create a successful business while delivering happiness to himself, his friends, associates, clients and employees.

What I was able to get out of the book is that we put so much emphasis on goals to make them happy, or money, or someone else’s actions. We create this long route to happiness dependent on so many things. But what happens when you hit the goal? when you get to the top of that mountain and snap a picture from the top? or when you get that promotion? make your first million? Are you happy for the rest of your life now? No, most people just create new goals. And that’s not a bad thing but to associate making goals with happiness can be short sighted.  Once a goal is met, most feel that another goal must be made and met. Therefore your happiness is short term, because your nose is immediately back to the ground trying to strive for the next goal.

When people ask me what my goal is in life, or what I want to do–I tell them I want to continue to be happy. I want a job I enjoy going to, I want to do things I like and value. That is happiness for me. If I don’t make a million dollars, if I don’t get a certain career I know I will still be happy because I am focused on making myself the best person I can be and doing things I enjoy on a daily basis. Nothing can take my my happiness because it is inherent within myself.

Take the direct route to happiness–choose to be happy (it is a daily choice). Don’t do the things just because society says they will make you happy. Choose your own self-satisfying path to happiness.


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